Montreal Must Do Experiences

The start of summer is a great time to travel to Montreal since temperatures are mild and everyone is out and about. We were lucky to be there in early June and experience this lively city by spending all day roaming around its streets. I wish we had more time to discover this remarkable city but here are a few favorite things we found along the way.

Walk along Old Port

This revitalized waterfront along the St. Lawrence River provides some lovely green space in which to lounge. Depending on the season there are numerous things to do along the path. These including boating, bike rentals and even an urban beach. When your famished from strolling around choose from numerous restaurants and food trucks on your route.

*(note: due to a recent strike some sites along the port may be temporarily closed as of May 2016. Check this site for details)*

Parks along Old Port in Montreal
Parks along Old Port
Green space along Old Port
The perfect place for an afternoon stroll
Restaurant in Old Port
Food along the way

Marvel at the Notre-Dame Basilica and other gorgeous surrounding buildings

Entrance during mass and other services is free or $5.00 for adults during other times. Since the spring and summer weather is so amazing, like the locals you may find yourself outside most of the time. Enjoy a visit to Place d’Armes or just walk a few blocks around the church to see some remarkable architecture.

Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal
Notre-Dame Basilica
Beautiful Architecture in Montreal
Incredible buildings near Place d’Armes

Take a step back in time in Old Montreal

You could spend an entire afternoon exploring this area and admiring the beautifully preserved buildings. Sit street side at one of the many restaurants and cafes while enjoying a great meal. Stick around at night to see all of the historic buildings light up!

Enjoying the day in Old Montreal
Enjoying the day in Old Montreal
A step back in time- Old Montreal architecture
A step back in time
Buildings lit up at night in Old Montreal
Buildings lit up at night
Old Montreal at Night
Gorgeous when the sun goes down

Visit Le Village

This lively LGBT neighborhood is full of shops, delicious restaurants and bars catering to different tastes. In the summer Saint Catherine Street is a pedestrian mall and is beautifully decorated with thousands of festive pink balls that welcome the season.

Having fun in The Village Montreal
Having fun in The Village

Chill out in Jardins Gemlin

This large public space is the perfect place to grab a brew, some street food and just chill in the beer garden. There are live shows, a farmer’s market and art installations to enjoy.

Great chill vibe in the park
Jardins Gamelin
Great chill vibe in the park- Hanging out at Jardin Gamelin
Great chill vibe in the park
Jardins Gamelin
Catch a show and have a beer in the park

Take a hike at Mount Royal Park

Don’t be intimidated by the 400 steps you have to climb. When you get to the top you will be rewarded with the best panorama of the city! If the climb up Peel street and the hike up the steps hasn’t killed you yet, there are numerous other trails to enjoy inside the park.

Climbing to Mount Royal
Climbing to the top!
Made it to the top of Mount Royal
Finally made it!
Beautiful ceiling inside the information center in Mount Royal
Beautiful ceiling inside the information center
Panorama of Montreal
Panorama of the city
Montreal- view from Mount Royal
Lovely Montreal

Take in a show at Quartier de Spectacles

We were lucky to just be walking down Rue Sainte-Catherine when we saw the Marquee at the Metropolis advertising a Mike Snow concert. The tickets were cheap, the show was about to start and we dropped in on a great concert. This area is Montreal’s cultural mecca with shows, movies, music, art and numerous festivals for everyone to enjoy.

Mike Snow Concert in Montreal
Last minute decision to see a great show!
Mike Snow Concert at the Metropolis
Mike Snow Concert Metropolis
Walking down St. Catherine
Walking down St. Catherine

Find anything on Boulevard St-Laurent

Browse around the quirky thrift stores down this street for some funky finds! If you need an energy boost to keep going stop by Café Martin for some strong coffee, one of the best we tried in the city.

Cafe Martin- Best coffee we tried in Montreal
Cafe Martin- Best coffee we tried in Montreal


Where we’re headed next:

  • Toronto