California Dreaming

Time flies! I can’t believe it has been three months since we’ve returned to D.C. from our South American adventure. I had been trying to catch up with the blog so that everything didn’t blend in together but soon you will be receiving a fusion of posts. Although it feels like we just got here, I’m excited to announce that we’ll be on the road again! We’re moving to the west coast this time (California to be precise) for a little change in scenery.

Of course this new journey wouldn’t be the same without a bit of exploration so we’re hitting up a few spots in the good old USA along the way (Canada too!). After visiting so many gorgeous towns, cities and national parks in South America we were inspired to visit those located in our own backyard. So instead of taking a boring/tiring trip straight across the US we’ll be traveling cross-country for about a month to discover some of North America’s most iconic places and bringing you all of the highlights. Hope to see you along for the ride!

Mountains Malik Motan- Hoping to see some sights like this in California

Check out our latest journey to California below