Denver: Rocky Mountain High

There’s something about mountains that churns my stomach and makes my heart skip a beat in anticipation of something great. I’m not sure if it’s simply their majestic grandeur or the thought of ascending to the top and breathing in the fresh crisp air. Finally in Denver, we were driving into an incredibly scenic storm and marveling at these giants in the background stoic like open gates welcoming us into the next segment of our journey.

Driving into Denver Colorado
Denver Colorado straight ahead

After driving like maniacs for a day and a half it was time to relax. We would have to forfeit going to Boulder like we had originally planned in exchange for four spectacular days in Aspen (boohoo). We were only in Denver overnight so we treated ourselves to a delectable dinner, slept in and took in some cool city sights at midday.

cow sculpture in the hotel
Picture with a cute cow… Why not?
Intricate ceiling in the hotel- Kimpton Monaco
Intricate ceiling in the hotel

Stay and Eat

Thanks to a sweet hook up we were able to rest our boots at the Kimpton Monaco downtown. Tired and weary from the drive we were famished and stopped in at Panzano for a late meal. Their wine and beer selection was fantastic and futuristic (you could order using an iPad!). The crunchy brussel sprouts and cured pancetta pasta stuck to our guts and really hit the spot. It was the perfect way to end the day and have a good night’s rest.

Dinner at Panzano
Great dinner, great company!
Manu eating his delicious veggies.
Manu eating his delicious veggies.
Dinner at Panzano
Food so good I can still taste it

See and Do

The next morning afternoon we hit up Etai’s Café for a simple and hearty brunch before checking out the downtown area. We started our mini walk at the Capitol Building, it was lovely and reminiscent of the buildings in D.C. Manu and I loved all of the green space in town and combined with the gorgeous blue sky it was the perfect atmosphere for a day well spent.

Brunch at Etai's Cafe
Delicious berry bowl and breakfast burrito
Visiting the Capitol building- Denver
Visiting the Capitol building

Next we stumbled upon a food truck gathering nearby with a huge selection to choose from. It was a treat to watch so many locals take a break outside on such a lovely day and enjoy their meals al fresco! Still full from brunch we decided to get a few goodies to enjoy later while on the road.


Food trucks downtown Denver
Civic Center Eats
Numerous food trucks downtown Denver
A huge variety of food!
outdoor lunch break
Denverites know how to take a good lunch break

When you’re done eating all of the delicious food Denver has to offer you can pop into the Denver Art Museum to see some great exhibitions ($13 USD adults, free for kids under 18). Just walking outside the museum is a feast for the eyes as you’ll find cool sculptures and great architecture all around you. Even the library is neat!

Denver Art Museum
Denver Art Museum
Inside a cool and colorful sculpture outside Denver Art Museum
Inside a cool and colorful sculpture
Gorgeous greenery in Denver
Gorgeous greenery
Denver Library- Great architecture
I love a good library

Denver- this place has everything. Delicious food, terrific art, beautiful green space where one could frolic all  day and more. Although we only spent a day in this city we will definitely put it on the list as a place to come back to!

Where we’re headed next:

  • Aspen