The End of Our Journey– For Now…


Starting at Perito Moreno

“And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho

That’s right. That’s how this whole trip manifested itself. It starts with the desire to do something, a great idea, some creativity and a bit of positive thinking. That is how this blog began, how we got this whole thing in motion and how it will unfold. When you want to do something you go for it with open arms and unafraid. It is with this hopeful heart that I announce that this is the last day of our wonderful South American adventure and things could not have aligned any better!


Hiking Torres del Paine National Park in Chile

This trip truly has been an incredible experience and something I would recommend to anyone at any age! There isn’t one thing I regret doing and everything has led to a positive outcome (even traveling to the middle of the Pacific to learn I had to come back to the mainland for surgery). Trust me everything works out the way it should. So if you’re feeling a bit inspired (I hope this blog has done that) to go out and do the thing you love do not hesitate even if outside forces are pulling you back. Here’s another inspiring/funny quote to push you in the right direction in case you aren’t convinced yet:

“My separation had given me a major case of the fuck-its. Ambivalence can be a powerful tool.” – Amy Poehler

Whether it is a big life-changing event, ambivalence or just a deep urge pushing you to do something different listen to that tiny voice inside your head that always steers you in the right direction…. Wait, now I think I’m quoting myself.  Click here to see how our journey began

Just Do It! – Nike

….. ok that’s enough cheesy inspiration for one day, you get the point

Having fun in Pucon


relaxing view after our hike

Stay tuned for more blog posts on some of the other amazing cities we visited (have had too much fun lately and not enough time to write) and thanks for reading!