Bangor and Northern Maine

We continued traveling through northern Maine while making our way towards Canada. We made a quick pit stop in Bangor and saw some incredibly scenic areas near the border.

Bangor, Maine

Our friend Mark recommended we stop by this town so we decided to grab some lunch here. We got some fantastic burgers at Blaze. They have some great pizza and tasty brews here too. While driving through we visited the home of writer Stephen King. You can take pictures outside the gate complete with gargoyles. Another oddity you will find in Bangor is a huge statue of Paul Bunyan which is worth a quick peek if you’re passing by.

Great food at Blaze in Bangor
Great food at Blaze
Stephen King's Home
Stephen King’s Home
Cool gargoyle fence at Stephen King's home
Cool gargoyle fence!
Paul Bunyan statue
Paul Bunyan statue


Northern Maine

We continued heading north along the scenic US 201 which follows the Kennebec River. Be sure to stop the the Attean View rest stop near Jackman, ME. We were lucky get there during sunset to enjoy the landscape.

Driving alone Kennebec River
Driving alone Kennebec River
Beautiful sunset at Attean View
Beautiful sunset at Attean View

Route Map

Where we’re headed next:

  • Quebec City
  • Montreal
  • Toronto