D.C. : We Fell in Love Seven Years Ago

DC C&O Canal


We decided to book a trip to Washington DC late one night on a whim. It was a holiday weekend and of course we needed to go somewhere but we needed something cheap. We couldn’t believe the deal: hotel and flight all for around $300! We booked it right then and there and were on the plane seven hours later.

I couldn’t have imagined that this whole love affair would begin the moment we ventured into the city but that’s how it went. I still get excited recalling the first time I stepped out of the Smithsonian metro station onto the National Mall.

Exploring all of the monuments and museums with a fresh pair of eyes was an exhilarating experience. Sitting on the grass and feeling completely care free was therapeutic. It was at that moment that I exclaimed, “I love this city, we’re going to move here one day!”

Seven years later we packed our belongings into a U-Haul and moved to Alexandria (just a stones throw away from D.C.) where I started a new job. We ventured into D.C. frequently and every time the city still felt green and undiscovered. I took in the sights and sounds and felt invigorated and alive with every visit. We met many great people during our time here and had some amazing nights.

Now as we leave this area I am grateful that we had this experience and accomplished everything we set out to do. I hope that the desire to explore new corners of the globe always lingers and that I am never afraid to venture out of my comfort zone. In this discovery I look forward to finding more cities to call my second home and hope to fall in love again and again…