Uruguay – A Year in Review

Time has flown by! I cannot believe a year has already passed since we bid farewell to Argentina and sailed into Colonia, Uruguay. That moment was bittersweet, as we knew our adventure across South America was truly coming to an end. Since our return to the States and the “real world”, things have been evolving and moving fast. A year later Manu and I sometimes long for those simpler moments when all we had to worry about was what our next destination would be. As we navigate through this peculiar time warp I wanted to take a sweet second to slow things down and remember our voyage through Uruguay in pictures.


Welcome to Uruguay

Welcome to Colonia, Uruguay- The next stop on our adventure

colonia colorful houses

Colonia – time stood still in this sleepy town

afternoon lunch in colonia

Pizza and home brews

colonia cobblestone streets

An afternoon stroll through this gorgeous colonial town

Colonial Colonia

Cobblestone streets – before the storm

Colonia streets

Discovering surprises at every turn

Green antique car colonia

Antique car

colonia red buggy

More relics of the past

Great brewery in colonia

Choperia Mastra brewery

colonia light house

Lighthouse in Colonia

sun and rain in colonia

Somewhere between sun and clouds

sunset in colonia

View from the top after the rain

fishermen in colonia sunset

Fishermen in Colonia



uruguay beach at sunset

Our first night in Pocitos – Watching the sunset on the beach

Sunset in Pocitos

Walking along Pocitos Beach

Great music at Pocitos festival

Live music at a local craft fair

festival in Pocitos- People playing Chess on the beach

Chess players on the beach

festival in Pocitos Montevideo

We had a terrific time at the festival

Free walking tour montevideo

Getting to know Montevideo

Montevideo Plaza

Waiting for our walking tour at Independence Square

Montevideo antique hotel

Gorgeous architecture surrounding the square

gate to the "new world"

Gate dividing the old and new city

Teatro Solis Montevideo

Teatro Solis

One of the oldest bookstores in Montevideo

Libreria Puro Verso – Bookstore housed in a lovely historic building

Plaza Montevideo

Plaza Matriz- Perfect place to rest on a hot afternoon

Plaza in Montevideo

Fountain in the plaza

Our great tour guide in Montevideo

Plaza Zabala with our awesome tour guide Maria!

"penis" fence

Maria pointed out the famous “penis” shaped fence…

Lunch at the market in Montevideo

Port Market- Tasty lunch after our tour

Quick Tips

  • Buquebus offers roundtrip or one-way ferry options between Buenos Aires to Colonia, Uruguay.
  •  If you’re only visiting for the day, book your bus to Montevideo before heading to see the sites (bus station near ferry terminal).
  • Colonia is totally walkable. The walk from the ferry terminal to the old town is easy- no taxi necessary.
  • Book a free walking tour of Montevideo with this awesome bunch: Free Walking tour.
  • Once in Montevideo take a day or two and check out the Pocitos Beach area.