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About Us • Adriane hugging a llama in Ecuador
About Us • Manu jumping off a rock in Pucon Chile


We are Manu and Adriane: husband and wife, travel partners, and soon to be blog masters. We both love traveling, immersing ourselves in new cultures and we get a kick out of meeting interesting people along the way. Inspired by a short visit to Brazil in 2014 and a bite from the travel bug that never healed, we decided to make our dream a reality and take a long term backpacking trip.

We concluded that South America was the perfect place to begin our adventure since we were born in Colombia and Brazil respectively. This blog, which will evolve and grow with us, will be our way of documenting our great journey and we hope it inspires others to go out there and realize their dreams…

A year after our South American adventure we decided to continue traveling long term and document our move cross country from D.C. to California. As a travel Occupational Therapist Manu has been granted many great opportunities to work around the US. This gives us the freedom to smoothly integrate work, play and travel into the lives we want to live. We hope you are inspired by our journey and are ready to begin your own.

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